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Chicken Chettinad
Roasted southern spices, coconut, curry leaves
Chicken Curry
A traditional dish made with boneless chicken cooked in gravy and spiced to your taste.
Chicken Korma
Boneless chicken simmered in cashew sauce and delicate spices.
Chicken Makhani
Chicken marinated in yogurt, vinegar & spices cooked in tomato creamy sauce.
Chicken Saag
Chunks of chicken simmered cooked in spinach
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken breast cooked in tandoor & served in moderately spiced cream sauce
Chicken Vindaloo
Hottest dish for the darling boneless chicken served with potatoes in thick tangy gravy
Chilli Chicken
Boneless chicken simmered in a special sauce with onion, pepper and green chilli
Coconut Chicken Curry
Chicken cooked with southern spices and coconut milk, spiced to your taste